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Welcome to Cooking Class Venice

Venice, a city of miracles nestled between bridges and islands, suspended between the sky and its lagoon ... offers its visitors a magical world ... one full of palaces, art, and history but also of aromas, spices and produce that originates from a long tradition and from many cultural fusions, which for years have permeated and characterized this city and its people.

As a result, a rich cuisine from land and sea has been created, with delicacies in abundance found on show on the stalls of the historic Rialto Market ... a cuisine that combines tradition and innovation and leaves an indelible mark on those who want to get to know Venice through its flavours and food.

Cristina and Ines
an intense passion for local produce and cooking together with an authentic talent, able to combine quality and creativity.

A passion, which has slowly been enriched with ideas and experience, acquired through many courses and cooking sessions and put into practice, to confront and compliment Venetian culinary tradition, conjuring up a combination of colors, aromas and flavors ... that will make your experience unique and unforgettable.
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